Berlin Diary #1

My definition of wanderlust: You wake up in the morning with a slight sick feeling in your tummy, probably because you haven’t had enough sleep and you’re buzzing with the idea of exploring new lands, until there is no soil left on earth that you haven’t touched, no sunset you haven’t seen, no flower you haven’t smelled and no smile you haven’t seen.

For our break we chose Berlin, because though I’ve been to Germany so many times, I’ve never visited Berlin before. It has only been one day, but I already love this land of hipster art, full of such a history.

Adapting to street art.

The ruins of the Berlin Wall are everywhere, with the graffiti, history and the soul trapped into it.

As a travel necessity, we took our matchy Kanken backpacks, so comfy and big enough to carry everything.

Checkpoint Charlie, the most famous checkpoint between the East and the West during Cold War; mostly used by US diplomats.

Filming a Berlin video with my GoPro. For my videos head to “videos” on the menu!

Street art. Ich liebe dich. I love you.

Photogenic friends, always an opportunity for my favourite kind of photography: Humans.

The lights at night.

Piece of the wall in the centre of Potsdamer Platz.


Close your eyes, take a deep breath, open them in a different land.
I love traveling and as I always say, my goal in life is to go anywhere and everywhere.


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