Berlin Diary #2

Once the fatigue of the first day is over, after a couple efficient naps, you can finally wear your sneakers, get your camera out and start exploring.

For our second day in Berlin, we went to the East Side Gallery and the Museum Island.

It is very inspiring to see wise words, calling for peace in such a troubled time of the world.

Today I saw an entire different face of Berlin. The hipster, underground vibe is too strong, and I think Berlin had me at that.

The street art is very inspiring. Some make me go “Oh I could’ve done that!” Yet I respond to myself with the wise words I once saw as a response to a modern art critique: Then why didn’t you?

Art is pretty amazing actually. I just can’t wait for the time when I do my art, writing and photography full time.

Stans with the splash of colour from the graffitis on the floor.

Look up and see.

 I love cats and I would never miss a cat photo (especially by my personal photographer Megs.)


Locking up your love on a door from pre-1989. Pretty romantic I guess.

We headed to the Museum Island. If you know me well, you’d know how amazed I was to see so many Monet pieces.

I watch people observing art. As I always say, people are art as well.

There is so much art around us that we don’t even notice. Look up.

Breaks to energize between art are crucial.

I will not ruin the vibe of this picture by saying “ancient selfie“.

Small is beautiful. Just like big is. Everything has beauty.


That’s all for Mina On The Moon today (literally on the last picture).

I would love any feedback via facebook/mail/instagram, feel free to message me!



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