Step Into My Universe: Sketching For Positivity and Feminism

Did you know that I make art? Or just illustrate like the 6 year old I am. I don’t know what it takes to call one an artist, is it simply anyone that puts their creativity and inspiration into solid material? Or do I have to be able to paint Gogh-perfect oil paintings?

In any case, I love staining my favourite jeans with purple paint or covering household items with glitter. I love going through the process of having an idea (or sometimes just a feeling), sitting down with it and just letting it flow from my brain to my hand. It’s kind of a numbing process, really. Sometimes I zone out completely that I’m not even aware of what I’ve created. And sometimes it’s so shit that nobody but me gets to see it.

Until this year I have never been really public about my art. I’d post a pic or two on Instagram but mostly I was haunted by the question of “what if nobody likes them?”. I have had a realisation, around September, that my art is for me and anyone that I possibly inspire through it. If I don’t, that’s fine!

My subject lately has mainly been female body positivity and feminism in general. I just love drawing faces and every character that enters my universe stays there forever. (If I’v ever drawn you and you start getting an itch on your forehead, than oops my friend, you’re turning into art.)

In my universe, everyone is beautiful, feelings are ok and all flaws are accepted.

Here is a selection of my recent work:

SELF LOVE: Don’t you just see endless pictures online, a selection of girls to compare yourself to? My aim is to defy that forever, embrace your own qualities and flaws and love yourself.

STOP SEEING YOURSELF FROM THEIR EYES: We are all different. There are all sorts of eyes, faces, hair and body shapes. Once you start looking at yourself from a strangers point of view, it’s hard to embrace yourself as a unique human being.

YOU NEVER PICKED MY DAISIES UP, BUT IF YOU COULD WOULD YOU?: I think we have established this previously. It is okay to water your own gardens, it is okay to pick your own daisies up.

LUNA: This is a character from a script that I have been writing called Luna. I’ve written quite a lot, but have a long way to go.

I AM A WOMAN: I think this one is pretty clear. Empower us. Respect us. Support us and don’t objectify us.

SHE JUST WANTS TO FEEL SOMETHING, AND I DON’T THINK THAT’S ASKING FOR TOO MUCH: Paper airplanes. Buddha. And the 1975 feels. Contrary to common social belief, feelings are fine. It is okay to be vulnerable and admitting that you feel something. Pain is normal and love is nice.

I WONDER IF YOU COULD EVER OUTSHINE THE MOON: There are some people you meet, a couple of times in a lifetime probably, that when they enter the room you just feel the inspiration flow through them towards you. Find those people, keep them close and don’t let them go.

Thank you for looking at my art. I will be posting regularly as now I have zero problem with sharing my art. I hope I could inspire you in some way.


Mina on the moon

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