Hong Kong Diary #1


Goooooooooood morning sunshine!

It’s currently 29 degrees in Hong Kong, with humidity reaching 89% and a 2.1% chance of rain and I’m sat on my balcony looking over the sea. Fret not, for you are about to explore Hong Kong through my eyes. What I’m about to share with you ain’t no concrete jungle, but a beautiful island city that breathes diversity, individuality and futurism.

Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 23.43.52.png

We begin our exploration at Repulse Bay beach – far away from all those skyscrapers and densely populated streets where you feel someone else brush their sticky, sweat-stained arm on you causing you to shrivel up and cringe. I give you : paradise.
Think Bali’s beautiful islands incorporated with white sand from a stunning island with palm trees; welcome to Hong Kong’s The Repulse Bay. With a 7/11 just opposite selling over thirty different drinks made to quench your thirst and sort out your dehydration, and a seafood grill at the front of the beach, and you recognising an old friend who was at your school for maybe a year or two ‘cos his/her parents were expats and you rush over to greet your friend with that strong American accent – you’re ready to spread your towel out on the scorching hot sand and lie there for a few hours until you’re satisfied with your newly glowing olive skin.

We aren’t just a city known for high-rise buildings and markets selling copied high-end brands that are so well made you would mistaken them to be the real thing – we’re a city that owns beautiful hiking trails that lead you to a breathtaking view of the sea and mountains and multiple beaches with pure white sand and the most gloriously glimmering sea water filled with junks that a group of friends hire out for the day and anchor in the sea to jump off and swim to the nearest beach.


And I promise you, you’ll get the best sun-kissed skin in a matter of two-three hours and you’ll brush off the sand and walk arm in arm with your friends back to the mini-bus stop to head back into the city for some asian cuisine – most likely, noodles. But there you have it, my beauties, a little insight to what happens when you hit the beach in HK; you lie basking in the sun with others doing the same round you, someone will have speakers blasting some music from top charts which you may or may not like but it’s a good vibe to be in at the beach and after a few hours of topping up that Vitamin D soaking in your gloriously sun-kissed skin, you leave feeling refreshed and having lived both the city life and beach life in one day.

lots of love,
Edith x

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