Beauty Files #1: Cosmic Girl Juju

Hey there,

Mina here, your local skincare junkie. As I was in Istanbul for the Easter break, I had the opportunity to meet and interview an amazing Turkish beauty blogger that goes by the name Juju. With her love for “unusual” and daring make up, I was already fan-girling hard but when I realised we share a favourite colour, lilac, that Juju swears by I was sold: People like Juju are the future of make up.


When she’s not in uni studying Architecture, Juju creates breathtaking images showing her current favourite products and educating her audience about the less known organic make up. She educates us about the concept of toxic make up and how most labels that “seem green” aren’t in fact green at all. I won’t lie, I was a little scared as she read the ingredients of my favourite Dr Organic lip balm, but all good apparently, all good.

As she talks, I ask myself: So what sort of make up does Juju believe in? This girl with unique tastes and unusual colours that excite her to bits certainly can’t be a Kylie Lip Kit girl.

So I ask her, what is your purpose in make up, what inspires you and what do you believe in? Juju believes in real make up. Not those “instagram baddie” or Kylie Jenner inspired, lip overdrawing cakey make up tutorials, but she believes in using any colour that pleases you no matter what the society standards are. She loves being able to draw the galaxy on her face.

She doesn’t like the fact that, just like the rest of The Daisy Mag team, young girls are being given unrealistic standards of beauty and plastic role models to look up to. She thinks everyone should do what they do for themselves and not to impress or influence a certain public.


So I say, we should have more make up bloggers and more idols and role models like Juju, powered by the holy purple and unicorn tears. If you want to use glitter on your lips, DO IT. If you want to use lip gloss on your eyes, DO IT. Do whatever makes you feel comfortable with your own skin, you have the right to do so.

When asked her main life tip for all her followers she says: Everyone should let go of everything that is causing them restrictions and live their lives as they want to.


Lets come to her beauty secrets. I know that most of the time she uses organic products, and trust me you can tell by her skin. But as to her favourite beauty/skincare item that she can’t live without: Kiehls Earth Masque.

Thank you for reading and special thanks to Juju for being our first Beauty Files inspiration. You rock.

Mina xx

Find Juju:

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