How to: Be Healthier In 5 Simple Steps

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Hey babe.

Ugh. Don’t we all go through this? Realising something is wrong with your body (I do not mean your weight) but your energy levels or general mood. I personally feel sluggish and tired when I’m not making the slightest effort to be healthy. Like, I have my days when I go “does ice tea count as water” and that, my friend, is a cry for help.

When you actually think about it, it is so easy to be healthier if you make even just a little effort. So here I present to you: my 5 simple tips that will make you healthier. I’m definitely not a doctor (but ive got a phd in sass), but just a girl that has been through it all trying to be healthier after a long while of not giving a damn about my health. Also, definitely not promoting any diets or weight loss or anything, wellbeing is more than being skinny: it is feeling healthy and happy in your own skin regardless of how you look like.

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Oh my. I could not stress this enough. Water is the fuel of your body. It helps clear your skin, defeats headaches, helps with digestion, energises you and so on. It is a pretty simple drink, you know. But for people who don’t like the taste of pure water, it is always possible to spice things up with lemon, apple slices, cinnamon sticks (helps stop sugar cravings!) and berries. You just have to find your fave and stick to it. Oh also, get a cool water bottle, it really motivates me.

I don’t get the whole concept of how many L’s one needs to drink but as the saying goes: Drink till your pee is clear.

Classy eh.

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As Gloria Estefan once said “Come on, shake your body baby, do the conga”, meaning that no matter how, when, where and what, you need to move your body. Imagine sitting in the same position or same room all day, don’t your legs feel weird, like a bird waiting to be freed? LOL. I’m not saying that you have to run a marathon everyday, but moving, be walking to uni or going to a dance class is very good for circulation and helps you get a good nights sleep.

The thing about moving is just like water, you need to find what you love and stick to it. Some people love the gym and are devoted to it, while some people (like me) prefer dancey stuff and yoga. Try em all out and you will find what you love.

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I think this might be the secret ingredient. I am an obsessive planner. If I don’t plan my day out, I will lie on my ass all day doing nothing. While planning is useful in uni work and social life, it is very important in health and wellbeing as well. Planning out your meals for the next day helps you know what you will be eating as well as plan out your carb/protein levels (especially if you’re trying to increase your protein intake like me). We all get stressed out and reach out for fatty, short term happiness foods when we don’t have a plan and while it is TOTALLY COOL to have pizza when you want it, planning brings balance to your life.

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While you can get many important nutrients from nuts and fruits, having a snack ready and snacking also helps control your hunger levels. If you’re like me and you go crazy and shaky once you get extremely hungry, it is ideal to have a snack with you so that you don’t get 100% hungry but eat small amounts more frequently.

Ideal snacks would be antioxidant fruits like berries or low sugar fruits like apples. Also almonds and hazelnuts are amazing co stars. AND cliff bars. Oh my god they are like sweet squares of awesomeness descending right into my tummy from heaven.

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Now what do I mean when I say support? Of course, support your body and be positive, as well as support others who are also trying to be healthy. But the real support you need if possibly through supplements. I had no idea I had deficiencies until getting my blood levels checked and these past weeks I’ve learnt that they actually matter so much. Talking to a nutritionist about your levels and needs will help you understand your body and its needs more and you can then possibly support it better. I know I did.

So yeah. These are my 5 tips that seem to be working out for me these days! Do you have any more?

Much love,


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