How to: (5 ways) to get some FREE stress-relief from exam season

Hello beautiful.

Let me ask you something really quickly – have you looked at yourself in the mirror, not a glance to check your hair as you’re leaving your room, I mean have you really looked at yourself? If you haven’t, do that now please. And smile, because it’s going to be a ‘hella good day – with these 5 tips, you’re going to have the most productive day during this ridiculously over-stressful exam season, which I too am currently curled up in a ball avoiding.

  1. Organise what you’re going to be revising

    Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.13.03.png

    I used to be awful at this! I would leave my room positively with all my books in my extremely heavy bag and excitedly lay them all out on the library desk in front of me. Trust me, it looked so aesthetically pleasing that I felt like I was going to get so much revision done. But it actually intimidated me, and I had no idea where to start revising or what I was really revising with that many books and topics in front of me! So invest in one of those pretty little planners and actually make a revising timetable or plan what you’re going to revise that day. Trust me, your brain and mental state will thank you later on. Plus, by the end of that revision session, you’ll have learnt whatever it was you planned like the back of your hand.

  2. Pack revision snacks


    Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.13.07.pngDon’t deny it. You’re going to get peckish while you’re frantically writing/typing away. If you, like me, have a tendency to leave all your coursework ’till last minute (I regret it every time) then you’ll know that it’s going to be long hours at the library. I pack fruit with me, not just because it’s light and tasty but because it keeps me awake and still give me my essential nutrients and ‘cos fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals which help you feel energised – rather than succumbing to Redbull which I know myself will only make me feel sluggish in a few hours and I’ll just procrastinate even more! I do too, make a packed lunch if I have had enough time, if not I’ll pop over to Itsu and grab a sushi box or a buy a sandwich. Sometimes, if the work load is too much, I’ll pop over to Lola’s cupcakes to relieve my sweet tooth – I always go for the vegan cupcakes, they don’t make you feel too bloated or full afterwards and they honestly, honestly taste so good. Don’t forget water too! Lots and lots of it.

  3. Get enough sleep


    Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.13.10.pngI cannot stress this enough. Get those hours in, sweet! Your body and mind will thank you tomorrow when you’re slaving away to hours and hours of revision again. My dad always told me that before an exam (especially), ditch the late night revision and get those 9-10 hours of good sleep as the revision you’ll have done during the day will be in your brain while you sleep and when you wake up – you’ll be awake enough for the actual exam. Revision-wise, you need that sleep to be able to remember what you’re revising rather than leaving with an unsure memory of what you’ve learnt and only having to go over it again tomorrow or struggling in the actual exam, kicking yourself for “not revising enough” when it was just lack of sleep!

  4. Find a study buddy

    Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.13.13.pngLet’s face it – revision gets boring. Like, face in the book boring. So don’t just go onto your social media to ‘relieve’ that boredom ‘cos I know that you’ll just end up spending hours scrolling through un-necessary posts then kicking yourself in the shins when it’s time to go home. Go to the library with someone who you know you can work with, and who will smack you on the head when you start procrastinating and enjoy revision breaks with – I always leave the library on my revision breaks and wander through the streets. As the library at King’s is near Covent Garden, that’s where we usually wander to. So long as you’re getting some fresh air, your brain will thank you. So will you to yourself, mentally.

  5. Reward yourself

    Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 11.13.16.pngI am 100% a believer in retail therapy. Maybe not every revision session, but at least once or twice – say yes to the dress, am I right? I suppose it’s not the best alternative to relieving stress, but if you are like me, and the stress gets really overwhelming and you procrastinate to a whole new level – then maybe give retail therapy a go? I don’t mean spend over 50 pounds in one go, treat yourself to a cute new ring, or a smoothie in Boost or splash out – go buy that new bralette you want. Do what makes you happy. Don’t go all crazy so that you’re broke by the end of the first day of your revision timetable – it doesn’t even have to be retail, when I say reward yourself, I mean give yourself that extra ten-minute break. Watch another episode at night. Put down the revision in the evening after dinner – trust me, you have done enough during the day. Go and relax, go eat dinner with your family or friends, have a glass of wine for the sake of it, because tomorrow’s a new day for revising. You have plenty of time.

Obviously, there’s a lot more ways to relieve stress like go outside and play some sport, or go to the gym but most of that is incorporated in your daily life and it’s always another option – but these are my 5 tips so I hope you maybe give them a go! Good luck to all you beautiful things out there reading this, I wish you all the best in this tragically stressful exam season but I know you’ll do well and excel in whatever you’re doing!

lots of love,
Edith x