Lana Del Rey meets Lorde: Alexandra Savior

Submitted by Fulya İdil Keskin

Have you ever wondered how Lana Del Rey would sound if less cabaret? Or what Lorde would sing if more depressed? Or both combined? This formula is called Alexandra Savior, carefully crafted by Alex Turner the Great himself. Alexandra’s debut album, “Belladonna of Sadness”, is a long wistful sigh depicting the growing pains of a young artist.


When first discoreved by a record label, Alexandra was asked if she wanted to be the next Katy Perry or Pink. She turned down this shortcut to fame and took her time. The following label was more invested in what she wanted, and soon hooked her up with Alex Turner. Arctic Monkeys frontman, who has only written tunes for his bands and close friends before, agreed to work with this Portland-based stranger.

Her first single “Shades”, is a rather sarcastic account of a morning after. We meet the persona during her walk of shame; she’s trying her best to go unnoticed – perhaps even wishing to hide from herself. I can certainly recognize Turner’s tone in this track. My favorite, however, is titled “Mirage”, which recounts the making of her alter ego. Alexandra is trying to settle on a stage name. So she goes through several options: Violet, Stella, Coco. Eventually she picks Anna-Marie Mirage – a total sellout, a people pleaser, with an Edith Piaf sort of stage presence. “Dress me like the front of a casino” she sings, deadpan. Color me impressed.

There’s a couple more standouts in the record. But beware: if you play the entire thing at once, it may sound too psychedelic at times. This girl has so much potential that it would be a shame to turn against her. Still, I am curious how Alexandra’s songwriting would stand alone without Turner’s contribution. While their vocals are vastly different, her lyrics could have easily been overshadowed by him. Let’s keep an eye on her upcoming releases and see if she really is the next big thing.


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