How going to an arts University changed my vision on…many things

submitted by Isaine Blatry

artwork by Sian McKeever

I’ve always wondered what my life would be if I didn’t go to an arts university, because let’s be honest, these Universities aren’t the typical experience we would expect from the student life.Being constantly surrounding by art, make me think about arts, pretty much, all the time. I even find myself writing poetry – something I don’t usually do.

Honestly, being surrounding by artists is stimulating: I feel more creative and I’ve started paying more attention to the things around me. Among my friends I have fashion designers, writers, illustrators, film makers and painters. I always considered myself to not have any special skills, but my perceptions have changed, I challenge myself to try new things and be more creative or thoughtful in my everyday life.


Arts universities are always full of talented people, they use what’s around them, what they see, and feel to envision something new.

I never fully understood fashion, but when I discovered the sheer amount of the work and research fashion students have to produce I finally got it. A piece of clothing is not only pieces of different material stitched together. Every pattern, cut, and colours express something and they aren’t chosen randomly. The influence can come from a tradition which evolves into a shape, to a pattern to a piece of clothing.

Art is something which can divide people but it can also bring them together. I found myself being friend and collaborating with people who I would never imagined getting along with initially . And to be honest this is what amazed me the most.


Coming from a family where your mom is a judge, and your dad is working in the business area doesn’t really help you to develop your personal taste for arts. Luckily for me now, I caught up with all the delays I had. Thankfully I go to a uni in London, which is one of the best cities in the world for every kind of art. What about you? To what extent do you think art can influence and change you? To my mind it’s unlimited.

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