Body Positivity #3: Of All Shapes And Sizes

 I’m sure you’ve been in a conversation where the topic of body image and body positivity has come up, some of us more than others. There’s a lot of controversy amongst such a sensitive topic with biased points of views and what not – regardless, as a strong believer in feminism, I do have an opinion on it. But my opinion is not one that should sway yours or generate a spark of anger, but rather curiosity (I hope).


Do you remember when, or have you come across a poster or a quote where Marilyn Monroe was the desired body shape for women? The curvy, feminine look where men it was desirable to have hips and stand tall and proud with the shape of an hourglass? Then it became desirable to be tall and lean, no more than a size zero at MOST and to basically not have clothes hug your body but rather create an illusion of that shape?
When did we become so engrossed in the idea that there’s a ‘desirable‘ body shape?
Why are we so fixated upon the idea that there is right shape for us ladies?
The same goes for men too – why is there a look that defines a ‘hot, fit, good-looking’ man?

“Fashion is killing women’s body image of themselves” – Zac Posen – and many others with this opinion have criticised – but should we really be blaming fashion? Fashion moves forward, and at times takes inspiration from the past to create a fashion-forward look – you can blame fashion because it demands ladies and gentleman to fit into their clothing, but at the end of the day, it’s a fast growing, fast demanding business that we advertise to be the ‘right’ fitting body.

“Healthy body image is not something that you’re going to learn from fashion magazines.” – Erin Heatherton
which, might I agree, is true. Because, my point stands – fashion magazines and fashion are a responsive marketing business that listens to us : the people of today who are creating this fast-growing issue of demanding to have the answer to ‘what is the right body shape to have?’

My answer is as simple as this : every body is the right shape to have.
We, humanity, are a responsive species who act and react according to repercussions of things. We are the only ones to blame for such a spiralling, unsolved issue of ‘body shape’. I say that every girl is beautiful and to Hell with whoever has ever, ever made you feel insecure in your own skin. What do they know? They know nothing about your body, and how it’s so magnificently grown with you and how you have done nothing but nourish it for all the years you have lived and will continue to. You should be nothing but proud of your body, for its functionality and its aesthetics, for it is beautiful and so are you. Understandably of course, we are all different shapes and sizes according to our genetics (I’m not very good with science, so I’m just gonna leave it at that) but isn’t that what’s so beautiful about the body? That we are all different shapes and sizes? I mean, isn’t that how fashion has grown into the fastest-growing and demanding, successful business?

I want you, all of you, to allow yourself to be smug, to let yourself be arrogant, that you and your body are the most beautiful thing that has ever, ever crossed anybody’s sight.

lots of love,
Edith x

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