Embrace Your Inner Fangirl: Harry Styles

by Fulya Idil Keskin
As someone who is not even remotely a One Direction fan, I should not be enthusiastic about a Harry Styles album. But logic rarely works nowadays, and I decided to give him a listen when I saw an update on Spotify. I was not expecting anything. Zayn Malik’s Gigi-Hadid filled effort “Pillow Talk” from last year had not amused me. So what could possibly connect me to Harry Styles?
Turns out, a lot. Right now, everyone I know is frustrated with current state of affairs in life. The world seems to go insane, and politics is slowly consuming our will to live. That’s why the title of Harry’s song made me raise one eyebrow: “Sign of the Times”. Didn’t sound like another sexually-charged disco beat. It was a rock ballad that sounded purely British. A fresh spring breath, so far removed from all the other stuff on the charts. Also 5-minute long — definitely not meant to be a mass-produced hit. While I played it on repeat, this track realistically proved that Harry Styles and his edgy voice are here to stay. His vocal range sounds well-developed or perhaps he never had a chance to show it off during One Direction years.
I was not planning to gush about his looks in this piece, but now that we came this far, I might as well do so. There’s something about this boy, something that I fail to point out specifically. When you look at his face, it is like looking at the façade of a lighthouse. Maybe his resemblance to Mick Jagger is supporting the shiny rockstar vibe too. That said, he is less intimidating than any rockstar you can think of; he could both be the boy from next door and the diva who smashes guitars. This is exactly where his charm lays, I suppose. Relatable yet mysterious, docile yet aloof.
As far as I can tell from Saturday Night Live episodes, the second track from his debut record, Ever Since New York, is not disappointing either. So yes, both physically and musically, we’ve got a fully-fledged rockstar on his way. I hope this ever-evolving fame doesn’t go to his head, and we can remain focused on his music — instead of what Taylor Swift was wearing when they went on a date in Central Park years ago.
Long story short: Thank you Styles, for blessing the Earth with your angelic presence.
Much love,

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