Meet the Coolest Twins of the Fashion World: Sama & Haya Abu Khadra (aka Simi&Haze)

submitted by Lara Akın

Forget about all the “fashion bloggers” on Instagram wearing nothing but the “must-have” pieces from every high – fashion brand possible , without having a true sense of style and identity. The Dubai – born identical twins will make you remember what is REALLY like to be an “it -girl” !

Screen Shot 2017-05-11 at 10.49.01.png

I’m one of the people who believes dressing is definitely a form of art and art is all about expressing yourself in your own kind of way. When I first discovered the twins on Instagram, I fangirled for an hour probably (oh, follow them, they have one of coolest profiles). I thought they were really unique, brave, have an incredible taste in clothing and truly inspiring compared to other faces in the fashion industry. Born to an interior designer mother and an art collector father, the Palestinian fashionistas grew up with an art background, and that’s what influenced their way of dressing. They first caught the eyes of the street style photographer “The Sartorialist” after the Chanel Fashion Show in Paris, at the age of 14 . Their style has a lot of influence from the punk era in London (edgy pieces like checked pants, fishnet socks, vintage leather jackets with studs etc.) and also from the 90’s era, a bit resembles Spice Girls. (Funky hair colours and styles, comfortable cool pieces) They usually wear sporty garments combining them with feminine pieces like transparent blouses. Another thing that caught my attention is that, they are always with a lot of accessories like chokers, rings, vintage sunglasses, french berets etc. (for me accessories are the key pieces for every look cause It can the whole concept) and whatever they wear, there is always a piece with a pop-up colour! I really love their aura too. The clothes don’t wear them, whatever outfit they try, they can make it look good on themselves ! Something definitely to envy, right ?

unnamed (1).jpg

Beside being super stylish and all they they are now also doing modelling, travelling the world producing music as DJ’s in various festivals, (even at Coachella !) collaborating with designers creating collections and of course enjoying life.

unnamed (2).jpg

What can I say more, they are probably one of the most interesting girls breaking the rules of the fashion game nowadays and a HUGE inspiration for me with everything they do.

And oh, name a more iconic duo than the twins.

I’ll wait…

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