Making choices for yourself

Submitted by: Ema Reis

School was never really my forte. I really struggled getting the most basic things done, choosing to spend most of my time doing the most useless things on the planet (reorganizing my already organized room), until the very last minute.

I really the concept of school, but I think the execution is terrible. More importance is placed upon grade, which supposedly proves how “smart” a person is, it’s all backwards. I always felt like I was being forced to take subjects I never had any interest in, because that’s what we were supposed to learn according to a textbook. Then one day we are just expected to know what we wanted to do for the rest of our lives.

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I spent so much time trying to be someone I wasn’t, because no one every made me feel it was ok to make a choice for myself. One day I wanted to be a marine biologist, the next I wanted to be a lawyer. I was obviously completely lost and out of touch with myself. There was so much pressure to choose anything over Art, that I actually convinced myself that studying art would be the same as setting myself up for failure. My dad is a finance director, and although he never pushed to try to be like him, I think he always expected me to go in a more mathematical direction, but that’s the complete opposite of me. I don’t want to sit in an office until I’m old enough to retire, I find that to be so meaningless and boring.

Art was always my thing from the beginning, it was the subject I had the best grades in every since I started school. I tried to put it aside for a while, forcing myself to like subjects like biology and history, thinking somehow I’d develop a sudden interest in anything else. Until fate just kind of aligned everything so that it all made sense to me, and I realized memorizing wars dates or fomulas wasn’t doing it for me.

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I want to be able to do something I genuinely enjoy doing while making money at the same time. Of course that’s what everyone wants, but the majority is scared to make that choice, because they’re scared it’s the option that will make them the least successful or they feel like they don’t have any support in their decision. Those things are important, but if you’re doing something you genuinely like its shows in your work and opportunities will come your way. I know I made the right choice, because the thought of doing nothing but Art for the rest of my life is not something that makes me want to drown in my own tears. It makes me excited for the future.

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Don’t make your life choices based on other people’s opinions. Do whatever the fuck you want!




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