She’s Here To Heal Your Heart: Bambie

Hello there!

Mina here. I think you know by now that we love discovering new voices and artists to listen to.

Here we bring to you: The coolest new girl in town. With her fiery hair, iconic voice and unique soul, Bambie is here to heal your heart. She has recently released her EP “Tired Eyes” and it is wonderful.

I had the opportunity to have coffee with Bambie sometime ago where she introduced me to her world where every tune is magic and it is okay for hearts to break.


Why Bambie?

Oh, there are plenty reasons for that. When it comes to music there are a billion reasons why I do what I do. I didn’t want to have my real name as my artist name, because I felt like I could always become someone else. Also, my last name is very hard to pronounce (here I try to pronounce it, and fail). Bambie is also in reference to the deer. You know how you always wonder your spirit animal (like a patronus!), mine would definitely be a deer. It is about the fragility, like a Bambie is always stumbling and running, yet is always on the move. Sometime ago me and my friend went on a night out in London and gave each other nicknames so we could talk about people without them knowing: I named her Coco and she named me Bambie.

When I first listened to your music, I got a very Lana- Lorde vibe, “bambie eyes” you know.

This gives me so much satisfaction, she is one of my favourites and I am so obsessed with her. 


So who are you, mysterious lady?

I am from a very small, completely lost town in South of France called Salon-de-Provence, it is very homey and cozy. I moved to London when I was 18. (*thinks* I am now 21). I am the sort of person that never remembers their age, I am constantly 6 years old anways! I go to ICMP (Institute of Contemporary Music) and I just finished my songwriting degree. Now I will go on to do a masters degree.

I took a long time to decide who I was and what my sound was, some people did that long before me so I feel like I need more time. Oh and, I love songwriting. Also you get to meet so many people. London is full of unique and creative people.


So how does it feel like being in a music school?

It is exactly how you’d expect it to be like the stereotypes are so true! I was the completely insane girl back in my hometown that wanted to go to a different country to study music, everyone thought that should be my plan B yet it was my plan A. I walked into uni and I saw all these awesome people, crazy hair colours and glitter everywhere, I instantly loved to creaive vibe. Being surrounded by creative people is such a nurturing experience, you learn so much from them. Oh and, it makes some insane night out stories, because they’re all crazy.


Who are your top artists that inspire you to become a musician?

I always say I want to be a mix of Florence + The Machine, Lana Del Rey and Lorde and there’s always bits of other people. They’ve got this amazing persona and the amazing universe. I love the dramatic sounds they have combined with drums. My EP was highly inspired by them, especially Blue Baby is very inspired by Lana. When I first met my producer about Blue Baby he was like “you’re going Lana, aren’t you?”. I wanted to create a post-Lana and I was very happy about what came out. It’s not like I’m trying to be Lana or Florence, but I would like to get as much as I can out of them.

For my personal taste, I listen to a lot of pop and a lot of rock. I love old stuff as well, my main obsession right now is Fleetwood Mac. Stevie Nicks, ugh.. Such a cool woman.

But the artist that made me go “I want to do music” was The Beatles. As I was in South of France I wasn’t really exposed to their culture and one day I went to a tribute concert and I was like “Mum there’s this cool band called The Beatles, we need to listen to them!”. Of course, she was on the floor laughing before she handed me the Blue and the Red.


Let’s talk about your EP! It is very soothing and calming. Tell me about it!

I’m at that point where I’m very proud of it since it is the first thing where I put myself out there in the world yet whenever I hear it I hear everything that could’ve been better. I wrote it over the course of two years.

Why Tired Eyes?

I actually knew you would ask me this. It is kind of like the Bambie thing actually, there are so many reasons. When I was writing my EP I decided whatever I do will be called Tired Eyes. It is about this relationship that I was in. I think there was a lot of exhaustion from the first heartbreak that I was going through. I was literally exhausted from all the emotions I was going through and it was visible on my face. I had tired eyes all the time. I kept writing these songs and the words tired eyes always seemed to be in it. I like to have a concept in my creativity and in my songs. They’re all different yet they connect through Tired Eyes.

I am obsessed with eyes and the person I was writing about had these dark eyes that always seemed like they were carrying so much in them. 

You can listen to Bambie down below.


photography: Estelle Renaud


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