Meet Harrison (known to friends as ‘Harry’) Clarke, an English undergraduate student at King’s whose style is one to never just flicker a quick glance at. Harry comes into pretty much every seminar wearing something that I’ll remember – and that you will too. | for full album of photos

Harry wearing ‘Shore Leave’ orange pullover detachable hooded puffer from Urban Outfitters men section with black jeans from Topman.
A saying that really puts fashion into a different perspective: It isn’t the trends that make you stylish, it’s your style that makes you fashionable. The clothes you wear not only are those you’ve chosen because they’re visually appealing or ‘in trend’, but those that speak to you from all the others on the rack; those that attract your attention as soon as you step into the store and in your head, you’ve already paired with an old pair of trousers sat in the back of your wardrobe. So today, I invite you to the inner mind of Harry’s wardrobe.

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Wearing Nike Cortez (made out of nylon) – was inspired to purchase these as Kendrick Lamar mentioned them briefly in the song ‘Control’ 

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Your style speaks to everybody who walks past you – it’s your way of presenting a slice of yourself to the world. Typically speaking, certain garments express certain stereotypes. Whilst shooting, Harry and I were joking around with what characters each outfit portrayed. The terms ‘jock’, ‘ass-hole boyfriend of a cheerleader’ were loosely thrown in there under this outfit, which I’m sure most of you are identifying with from watching American teen films. And these terms fall under the baseball jacket which if we really ignored the generic comments that fall under it, is a beautifully stitched, comfortable and flattering baggy wind-proof jacket.

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Vintage Baseball jacket – Harry chose this jacket inspired by the film ‘Moneyball’ | Dickies t-shirt, in theme with the idea of stereotypical America 
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Dungarees. An essential, in my opinion, in anybody’s wardrobe. How could you not love these easy-throw-on, easy-decision-made outfits?! Not only do you give off a friendly vibe to those around you, but you also look casual and relaxed. Styled in so many ways, as seen with one shoulder strap pinned off to give off an even-more relaxed look, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Dungarees. Harry managed to purchase this briefly before American Apparel shut down – what a bargain he got them for!

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Harry wears his dungarees with specific accessories: gold Casio watch to portray a well-kept look with such relaxed dungarees and a vintage bracelet with his initials engraved on them. Paired together with a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors (Which you all know are my favourite shoes in the entire world), but with added emphasis from the brand Commes Des Garçons. 

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We all have a favourite coat don’t we? This is Harry’s. A Carhatt jacket inspired from Kanye West who wore this too. Pair this baggy coat with straight-leg cut-off jeans and you’re rocking the casual street look. Underneath, is his dad’s t-shirt from 1980, reminding us that he wears things that he loves and is close to. The earthy tone of this entire outfit is perfect for London’s gloomy days. His choice in footwear is none other than Adidas 25 Originals with velcro straps.

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Fred Perry striped long sleeved top. Shore Leave trousers from Urban Outfitters men. An ‘expensive but casual look’.
Sticking to earthy brown tones, this is one of the shirts I remember vividly from an English seminar during second term.

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You’ve got an event to go to; but you want to be comfy. Harry portrays the comfy but ‘classy’ ‘gentleman’ look with a pair of woolly-looking checkered knit trousers that he claims “they feel like pyjamas”. To give off a casual vibe, he’s paired the dark colours with a contrasting yellow Fred Perry t-shirt under his coat.

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Vintage made classy and high-end. I love vintage sales; those 1kg finds for £15? Yes, you will see me there. Pairing vintage garments with simple pieces make a statement piece, as Harry shows us here with this outfit.

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To see the rest of the photos of Harry’s outfits,
go via:


In the meantime, I hope you have all appreciated Harry’s outfits as much as I do.

Lots of love,





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