How To: Keep Busy This summer!

As the summer months have arrived, many of us (students in particular) will find ourselves suddenly left with so much extra time on our hands. Instead of trying to squeeze in a social life in between the busy days and weeks of University/ work/ general life commitments, we’ve now got the challenge of filling the long summer days and nights with things to do. 

beach girl.png

I myself am fortunate enough to travel in the summer. While writing this I have already spent a few weeks in a cute little country side town in the South of France. For the majority of the time you’d find me lounging by the pool reading.

Yet no matter where you are in the world, our over stimulated brains and bodies are in constant need of attention and distraction. How does one prevent boredom?! I remember the horror on my parent’s faces when I would tell them I was bored when I was a child. “How could you possibly be bored? We’re on holiday at the beach!” – The trouble was, I didn’t know how to keep myself occupied.

So this summer, I’ve curated a short list of my personal things I enjoy doing in the summer period, and would more likely than not help you to fill up some of your summer time!

  1. Read A Little Life – A hefty book that might scare an amateur reader away, but trust me, this book made me laugh, cry and feel heartbreak. It takes a few chapters to start getting exciting though, however I promise you if you keep on reading, you might just find your new all time favourite book. Or if that doesn’t sound entertaining, listen to children’s audiobooks for some nostalgic fun (my favourite ones are Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, and James and the Giant peach).
  2. Learn the Ukulele – The part of my musical personality has helped me discover that even though I might not be particularly skilled at playing the ukulele, it has been a great way to release stress. You can buy a ukulele at any music shop or even on Amazon for less than 15 pounds! And you can find so many free lessons online and chords to practice from.
  3. Cook properly – Maybe this is just me (but I somehow doubt it), but during term time I cook – if you can even toasting bread for a sandwich cooking – very simple meals that require less than 10 minutes preparation time. For the sake of convenience, but also because I’m actually lazy and very uninspired when it comes to food nowadays. But this summer, with the help of my sister, I’ve already made several new recipes and have discovered the joy of eating home cooked food again.
  4. Binge watch a TV show – Orange is the New Black. Enough said.
  5. Old School Games – One of the things I love most about any holiday is the part where I get to spend time with my family, and old school games are the best way to get everyone involved. Perhaps you’re not close with your family, or you don’t like games, but this could be the time to change the dynamic! You don’t even need to have an actual game from a store – make your own (like DIY Charades on random bits of paper.) This summer I’ve played chess with my little brother, and UNO with my sister. I plan on playing Scrabble with my mum and dad later but to be honest I always lose so maybe not.
  6. Get a job – Some of you might already have a job (well done)! I spent most of my summer last year working in a cafe and although I was exhausted all the time, I made amazing friends and learned so much from the experience. I also did an internship at an illustration agency. This year, my “job” will be developing my own work so I can start doing collaborations (HMU if you want to get involved!).
  7. Do some Arty Things – Pick up some crayons/ colouring pencils/ watercolour paints/ stickers/ spray paint and just go for it. It can be as beautiful or as ugly as you want it to be. At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what you make, but what you’re doing for your mind body and soul – art is incredibly therapeutic.
  8. New Sport – I’ve got it lined up in my schedule to try stand up paddle boarding! It should be fun but I haven’t a clue how I’m going to stay upright.
  9. Explore a New Area – When I get back to London I can’t wait to wander the streets of Shoreditch. There are always hidden cafes/restaurants/bars/shops that are absolute GOLD.

And there you have it, my personal list of things to do in the summer. Might not be everyone’s cup of tea, and there is definitely a time and place for everything. Totally okay to lie around and do nothing too (just not for the whole summer………)

Love Sian,


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