National Skateboarding Day – Bogotá

June the 21st marks National Skateboarding day. A day celebrated worldwide in which skaters from all backgrounds come together to share and enjoy their passion together. This year I am in Bogotá, and whilst on my way to the centre to work on my usual street photography project, I was distracted by  hundreds of people on skateboards dominating the road, and couldn’t miss the chance to follow them-it was clear something was happening. 1000+ skaters had congregated in a park called Plaza De Los Hippies, where a skating competition was taking place. Here are some pictures from my day there. All photos are taken on my Fuji-film X-T10 with 50mm Zuiko lens at f/1.8.

Riots as skating merchandise is tossed in the air.



Kids as young as six or seven tried their luck in winning prizes


DSCF1387 2
A fight broke out between a local bus drivers and some skaters – punches were thrown.


Hope you enjoy!


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