Summer in the City: Istanbul

As you may or may not know, summer in big cities with plenty of rush and traffic is very, very unpleasant. Especially here in Istanbul, many overwhelming questions and things to consider wander around my head on a daily basis, I can never get around to experience a peaceful summer day in the city. Just when I want to wear a particular pair of shorts I just got with a white t-shirt that finally has the perfect cut for my shoulders, I remember I would have to use public transport and reconsider the whole idea of shorts (this is where my political and social aggression kicks in) and maybe find a pair of pants that won’t get my legs too hot but again would go nice with the t-shirt I was planning to wear and as if any of these aren’t enough I can not seem to find an appropriate pair of sneakers from my generous collection of sneakers. So you get the gist of it. The “thought process of dressing up” -as Leandra Medine of Man Repeller puts into words- in a hot summer day is never easy. There is a lot of sweat and fabric action going on. And maybe, most probably, my body insecurities add up to the whole “i can not wear anything during the summer” thing.
Since I started to try to calm myself down mentally and have been working on it for an entire year now, I thought why spend another summer complaining about the heat and daily living conditions and instead pretend that summer is an eventual extension of winter. I’m definitely not keen on “making this summer my summer” cause if I ever get to have a season it would definitely be winter, but I will try to make the most of it.

Here is what I have worn and done during almost a week in Istanbul between my two trips to Milan and Çeşme.

Tuesday: Ferry trips, meeting friends, good coffee, good food and lots of walking

As I was walking into a ferry with two of my friends on our way to Besiktas, I ran into another friend of mine who is actually a very good photographer, he took all the cool photos featured in this post. Nisantasi and Tesvikiye is where my heart is in Istanbul so I visit there quite often. My sneaker choice of the day was my Adidas Velcro Stan Smiths. After a bit of shopping  we met another friend for a causal dinner as the weather got more cool and crisp.


Wednesday: Pool Day!!

I decided I needed a tan, immediately. And also maybe a shop assistant at Shopigo convinced me that I needed one as I was trying on a pair of MM6 Maison Margiela camo print sock sneakers and told me they would look even better with a tan. I am very used to have a darker skin as soon as the summer sun meets my body, but this year there has been a delay so I forced myself to speed up the process and spend a chill day near the pool.


Thursday: Good coffee, vapuring and meetings

I spent the day with a friend, first at Moda (the Asian side) then went to Besiktas (the European side) to attend a small meeting. It’s always nice to see Istanbul during summer time because all the streets have this calm feeling to them regardless how crowded they are.  My sneaker choice of the day was my Nike Cortez which I got two days earlier. It was one of those days where I had a ton of questions about my future in my mind but it also gave me hope . It reminded me how big of a role our surroundings play on our mood and how one should never let go of the people who truly care about them. As you can see public transport in Istanbul is beautiful, unless you go for the very busy buses. Sometimes I do have my analog camera with me on a vapur journey, you can check my shots on my lomohome here



Friday: Good coffee and paying Lomography a visit

After stopping by at one of my favourite coffee shops aka my second home aka Walters Coffee Roastery, I headed to Lomography Turkey to take my films that are ready to get scanned in their lab. Always a pleasure seeing Galata and Pera area around this time of year. So maybe heat isn’t that bad after all 🙂


Saturday: Smootihe bowls and dog strolls

I again spent the day around the area of Tesvikiye, this time with two of my other friends who I haven’t been able to get a chance to meet with because of all those summer vacations scheduled on different, nonintersecting days. We then went to spend the evening at our friend’s house with our little Maltese Terrier, Leandra.


This has pretty much been my week in Istanbul. Lots of iced lattes, meeting new people, most beloved friends and thoughts that come along with them. I hope to see you again in another post featuring more of my photography and ideas. Try to take in as much as you can where you live, all year round.

Tip: sunglasses do make the heat a bit more bearable 🙂


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