Summer in the City: Milan

Hello daisymag readers! It feels so good to be back, talking and sharing with you. For this second post of mine I wanted to give you a glimpse of what my trip to Milan looked like and how not to be an absolute tourist in the city.

Milan is a city of hidden “quartiers”, best cappuccinos, the most pleasurable street style and nicest people. You have to dig every corner in, tilt your head to the side in order to see the courtyards when you walk by buildings (you might even see a couple flamingos like I did), taste every good-looking coffee shop and see as many museums as you can. The more you see around Milan, the more you appreciate its being and what the city has to offer you. I hope I can give you an idea of what a fashion capital-although I hate the term-feels like and relive all the good times I had there, this time with you.

Our tour will consist of two parts: one that contains all the where-to-eat-shop-drink-visit information and the other will be dedicated to the amazing street style and shop windows of Milan, accompanied by my analog photos.

PART 1: where to eat, drink and visit 

Pasticceria Cova Montenapoleone, or just Cova

Like many of the places featured in this post, Cova was also a recommendation from a friend who has lived in Milan for 15 years due to a marriage and who has real good taste and who is now an art curator.

Cova is the type of place that hugs you in the right places, like your favourite hoodie. Its employees are always well dressed and seniors in life which is a great indicator of how old of an establishment Cova is, the amount of foam you get on your cappuccino is always the same, as I called mine “cappuccino with a capital C”  and the visuality of the pastries is unbelievable.



Pasticcieria Marchesi 1824

Marchesi, as you may have heard, is the most famous “patisserie” in Milan as it is almost the Italian version of Ladurée, no disrespect to any of them, I’m sure they both have very  distinct histories behind. With its green interior, small pastry goods that look like toys and delicately located shops all over Milan, Marchesi is a massage for your eyes, a very good one. Although the coffee has disappointed me whilst my first visit, they made it up the second time with the best latte and some midday omelettes and smoked salmon. You can check my instagram post of the interior here.

Bulgari Hotel

Bulgari Hotel is unbelievably well located in the area of Brera. We heard the tea time there was an absolutely must and that we had to spare one afternoon to visit the hotel. This place was a particular reminder of how being low-key is actually the key to reach élite. Elite by means joyful, relaxing and in good spirits and by no means who only serves the upper class. Elite as in who puts an unnoticeable smile on your face and by the time you do notice it, makes you feel beautiful than ever. Elite as in the quality of the environment and the people that surround you, accompanied by an amazing greenery.    I would HIGHLY recommend you go there by walk. And have a shot of ristretto . And taste the wild strawberries. And drink green tea. And pay a visit to the powder room. 🙂000022000026000027000028000048000050000051000049000052



I saved my favourite coffee stop to last. I have to admit Lùbar is a place I learned off of Chiara Ferragni’s instagram. I know I hate myself too. But come on, I had to have some ideas for the sake of my own photography and own instagram from “the” blogger in the field.

#italiandays. ugh.

We were fortunate that Lùbar was a close spot to our hotel and we could stop by for a coffee before we started our day. Oh. My. God. I don’t want to tell to you how spacious and green Lùbar is or how I had the iced soy latte of my life or how the place has been transformed from an historic building and oh, how it is located next to a national museum (Galeria Civica d’Arte Moderna). And now instead I will let the photos talk.

p.s. don’t let different outfits confuse you since I came back for the coffee multiple times.



Dolce&Gabbana Martini Bar

Let me tell you something, a place doesn’t have to be good just because its name is. I understood Italian people have fine tastes, especially when it comes to lunches, afternoon drinks and visual aesthetic. However D&G Martini Bar was a slight exception. I didn’t enjoy my experience there as much as I did with others (maybe because it was a very rainy day) but still I want to share it because it is a very good example of those hidden courtyards I have been telling you about. Plus the analog pictures I have taken here, oh I love them.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset



Don Lisander and Il Salumaio di Montenapoleone

These two restaurants are famous for their traditional yet similar milanese cuisine. They are both located in beautiful courtyards. They are mostly recommended for lunchtime since they are not open for dinner as far as I remember. You can see very well-dressed men and women who just done some shopping from Gianvito Rossi or Versace, both located just around the corner, smoking their thick cigars whilst enjoying the Milanese cuisine in the most delicious version possible, sometimes a plate of seafood and sometimes a good old caprese salad with a side of some breadsticks which btw makes you wonder how on earth these people don’t ever gain weight despite consuming carbs at any time of the day. (I now know their conspicuous secret on this)

For those of you wondering, the secret consists of walking and riding bikes and more walking..



Mimmo Milano

So this next location has been a bit of a special one for me. It was a two minutes walking distance from our hotel, our cute concierge mentioned Mimmo in one of our long talks and offered to reserve a table for us, plus the night we went there was the night before the test I was going to take at Bocconi University. As none of these weren’t enough to get me excited about it, the place turned out to be the restaurant Chiara celebrated her 30th this year. ugh. haha just kidding, the place is amazing. You can check their site here.



Museo del Novecento or 900

The 900 museum has a pretty easy location as it faces the Duomo yet I don’t think it gets the attention it deserves, I may be completely wrong though. I loved it here, not only because it is by definition a city museum but also the pieces and the architecture was unreal. They even have a couple of Picassos! Highly recommend you check there out, and here is the website.



La Triennale di Milano 

This last location for this part of the post is a recommendation by none other than Estée Lalonde and her beau Aslan who is an amazing photographer and an art enthusiast. By coincidence, the two were in Milan as part of their Armani campaign and for their very limited time there, they visited the Triennale, an amazing design museum who has exhibitions coming and going all year round. As I was curious about what we would see there, I dragged my family to the Trienniale, which is more or less the other side of the city (meaning a ton of walking and an Uber ride). Some of us left the exhibition about immigration almost crying. You can check their site here and get to know about the present exhibitions.


PART 2: where to wander around, shop and witness the best street style

For this second part of the post, I will for the most part get help from photos to narrate my favourite parts of Milan. I will hopefully walk you through Brera, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, Navigli, Via Della Spiga, Via Santo Spirito, Via Monte Napoleone and the shops, some through windows, some from inside.

e  n  j  o  y

These photos are from the area around the Duomo Cathedral where you don’t have to search that hard to find good, well-known shops such as La Rinescente (THE department store), Foot Locker, Brandy Melville, Vans, Lush, Excelsior, &Other Stories, Dolce and G, Gucci, Prada, LV, you name it they have it and most of them are the flagship stores. Once you have enough of these brands you spread around the area, inside all the little streets where Maison Margiela, Céline, Balenciaga and Loewe are.

These analog photos areagain from the Duomo area and the designer district. One has a man carrying the iconic LV orange shopper bag while another is a photo that a sales assistant at Foot Locker took and other is the inside of the most beautiful Prada shop I’ve ever seen.

Let’s move on to Brera and Navigli where I visited Acne who is a newbie in Milan (thats why they have a pink Acne tram going all around Milan for ad purposes), went to Special which is a real good sneaker shop, tried on the VansxStüssy collab shoes which ran big for my feet and at night time walked all the way to Navigli (and came back) (*wink * cardio *wink*) with three of my friends.

My Milan trip was more or less like this. I knew right away I missed it there even if I felt like I wouldn’t before. I hope you enjoy the street photography, which is a great passion of mine and a one I would love to develop over time. Best lesson learned and best relief I had so far is that you don’t have to be on fashion week in order to spoil your eyes with the great everyday style Milanese people have, the same goes with London and Paris since these are special cities that are alive 365 days a year. And on that note,

Respect your clothes.

Respect your life .

Respect yourself.



For more analog photos including a day at Lake Como, you can visit my lomohome here and for more of my life you can find my instagram here


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