Glossier’s UK Pop-Up feat. an Interview with Emily Weiss

IMG_0358.JPGGlossier is an American beauty brand, their motto is skincare first, make up second. It was created by the founder of Into the Gloss, Emily Weiss. After years of testing and writing about other brands she decided to set up her own. Today Glossier held their first event before their UK launch in October. I was lucky enough to spot Emily at the event and talk to her about the brand’s launch in the UK. If you’re a fan of Glossier’s aesthetic you’re going to die when you see the interior of the pop up event, it reminded me of sketch just instead of eating food you could play with makeup.


So what made you decide to take a leap across the pond?

I think at Glossier we’re really inspired by personal style and we consider beauty an element of personal style, and theres no one who does personal style better than british girls! Today we’re just creating our world here and then in October we will ship everywhere, and hopefully one day soon we will have a store in London.


I absolutely love the girl’s uniforms, what inspired them?

Well they work hard so the first priority for us is function. So the jumpsuits are great, we buy car mechanic jumpsuits and we dye them pink  Anyone can do it they’re just regular utility jumpsuits.

 The next question is when are you going to be opening up for jobs?

So we have a careers page on Glossier and we post all the jobs on there and its very up to date. So you can keep an eye on that.


 I want to get my hands on a jumpsuit!

Well you can make one! Its easy!

We can have a daisy mag how-to.

Yeah, exactly.


What would be the best beauty tip you’ve ever been given?

I think the best beauty tip for me I don’t know if it’s a tip been given to me but it’s a tip I give to people which is take really good care of your skin because then you can be really lazy with makeup. Taking it easy with your my skin is important, especially when you’re young you don’t need to do a lot. Do less is my piece of advice.

Me: I think the skincare first approach  really makes Glossier stand out  because no other beauty brand really emphasizes that as much, and I think that’s really attractive and important for women as we get inundated with all these products, most promising to change our faces rather than to simply embrace and enhance what is already there!

Yeah definitely doing less is better!

IMG_0350.JPGBeing British I had only seen the products and their results online so it was great to finally be able to test them out and they were AMAZING. I wasn’t sure if all of the hype around Glossier was mainly due to their strong (and beautiful) branding but the product definitely delivers, albeit in very small containers.IMG_0354.JPGBelow are my favourite beauty products from the launch:

Cloud Paint – I’m not normally a fan of blush but this stuff is great. My favourite colour was dusk as its a pretty browny pink and was sheer and bendable, so would end up looking like a really natural glow.

Haloscope – I went along to the event today thinking that I would love Moonstone but in reality this was really glittery. For me i would LOVE it for a nighttime look but in the day i think it would be too much. However Quartz turned out to be gorgeous.


Lip Gloss – I think this is the lip gloss that could convert a lipgloss hater. It was thick but not sticky (how?!) and had really good staying power. It’s also only slightly pink so could work to enhance any lipstick underneath but would also make a really subtle addition to your daytime look.

Boy Brow – The small brush was easy to use and the colours were spot on with the blond wasn’t ashy and the brown wasn’t too brown. It was ideal in all senses.

Stretch Concealer – This concealer was amazing! There are five different colours but its spreads across a really wide spectrum of skin colours which is refreshing and something all brands should be focusing on in 2017. It’s super light and creamy but also somehow manages to conceal really well without ever feeling cakey. You could also use the shade darker than your skin tone as a nice contour colour.

FullSizeRender 7.jpg

ALSO another really important thing about Glossier is that its CRUELTY FREE!

Do you test on animals?

Great question—no, we don’t! The Gloffice often hosts animal visitors (a Shih Tzu mix named Burger, a Dachshund Beagle mix named Bruce), and we wouldn’t dream of testing on them or any of their friends.

(taken from the Help & FAQ page)

IMG_0346After finding this out its safe to say that I am completely in love with Glossier. Their brand message is spot on, their aesthetic is gorgeous, their founder is wonderful and the products themselves are amazing. I had a great time at the pop-up event and now I’m just desperate to get my hands on some product (and maybe a jumpsuit).


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