Boys Lookbook: Yohannes Daniel

Meet Yohannes (known to friends as ‘Yohan’) Daniel, a student at the University of Hertfordshire studying Interior Architecture and Design whose entire presence flaunts relaxed vibes and never ceases to put a smile across your face.

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Yohan in an ‘everyday’ look with statement pieces being his North Face puffer jacket paired with a ‘Nicce London’ shirt and Asics with colour to create the bold, everyday statement piece.

It’s all about the trainers nowadays. Not that I’m complaining; well my bank account is. But, they’re a statement piece for a reason. Besides glancing up and down at strangers who walk past you, appreciating the individual garments they’re wearing or have styled together, let’s face it – the only way to fully approve of one’s entire look is to see if what they’re wearing on their feet matches the outfit or stands out. For those of you that do know Yohan personally, you’ll have recognised those familiar coloured Asics that send his final look of the day off. Those trainers are what shouts ‘Yohan’. That paired with his puffer jacket – anybody would know that was Yohan walking down the street.

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That and of course, (especially for boys, I feel) the trim. The most important, and perhaps most effective statement of your style. Now for Yohan, the trim is what makes him most content with his look in general. Top tip for you ladies, compliment the trim – I guarantee you’ll get a smile in return.  

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Yohan in his camel-coloured coat purchased off ‘Asos’

For some reason, 99% of the time when boys ‘dress up’ a little more (like when they’re in a tux – let’s be real, half the time, girls suddenly go wide-eyed and focus a lot more), it comes as a pleasing surprise to us girls. Here, Yohan introduces a smart look that he typically would wear to dinner or an event. Paired together is his collared shirt from River Island and a red round neck knitted jumper from United Colour of Benefits. But, his statement piece as he defines is the coat – a smart, straight camel-coloured blazer duffel coat creates the sense of ‘smart casual’, allowing him to portray his relaxed-edge sense of style.

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Outfit details: Diesel polo t-shirt with white stripes | ripped denim jeans Asos | Converse high tops | Raybans

You’ll catch Yohan strolling leisurely through London and Hertfordshire in this outfit. Styled perfectly in colour co-ordination, the white stripes add a bit of flavour and ‘pop’ to the outfit. Paired with Raybans and his high-tops, the casual flair is flaunted in this outfit.



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