Summer in the City: Dublin

Hello my daisies,

Mina here. Woah, I know. Been a while since I actually wrote something. I had a lovely summer and got the chance to explore more in the UK (and around it). So I thought I would do a Dublin photo diary. I don’t know how “summery” it was. It was more like an intro to autumn for me. When you take a Turk to Ireland and say its summer, she’ll only laugh at you from behind her soaked raincoat.

Special thanks to ma petite Celia for being the best tour guide ever and taking me to all the alcohol related places. Sláinte!

Hope you enjoy my lil photo diary. I also have many 35mm’s to come from the same trip wooo!

I have a feeling that my dad has a double life. I mean Ali’s Turkish Barber, come on.

Dublin Castle: I absolutely loved the interior and it was so striking that there is a castle in the middle of the city.

Some neon art from the Guiness Storehouse.

Again, a huge green park in the middle of the city. As a Londoner I’m obviously not shocked, yet just amazed by the amount of green the peopl want and have.

Trinity College, so so beautiful! One thing though, do the students not get tired of the tourists? If people were to roam around KCL all day, I’m sure I would get pretty aggressive (especially if they cut the line towards my daily latte.)

My absolute favourite place in Ireland! Temple Bar and the street it’s on. I loved the food, loved the music, loved the people and loved the GUINESS.

The beautiful Trinity Library. Shame we are not allowed to touch and explore the books.

Me takin a goofy lil 4×4 picture of Celia.

Okay I lied. This was my favourite part OBVIOUSLY. I love whiskey. And i loved learning how Jameson is distilled.

And tasting it. And making fun of Scotch and Bourbon while at it (ironic because a week after this I was in the Highlands of Scotland and absolutely loved the scotch there. But that’s another story and shall be told another time.)

Again, sending love to my travel partner.

What better way to finish a post then with a Guiness?
Cheers to you, friends!

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