Loving Vincent: A Painted Masterpiece

After 6 years of creative development, over 1,345 discarded paintings, out of 65,000 frames from 125 painters comes Loving Vincent.

Last week at my favourite Prince Charles Cinema, I got to see the first fully painted feature film of all times. Here is the trailer if you have no clue what I’m on about:

It explores the mystery surrounding the wonderful Vincent Van Gogh’s death. The film doesn’t actually pay much attention to Gogh as an artist in the storyline, but here’s the twist: The whole film is done is a Gogh-esque painting style. So though not actually learning about his art, you find yourself floating around in his world.

Done through painting every single scene, Loving Vincent is so delicate and a masterpiece of handwork. Here is the video where the painters explain how they did it.

With the use of real actors, the characters are more emphasised and when compared to their portraits by Gogh, it can be seen that the cast and the painters did a wonderful job in fully representing his world.

With the use of Gogh’s colours, tones of blue and yellow, the film sucks you in completely and you begin to wonder what actually happened to Gogh. All the different stories told by all the different people make you question what you know.

I definitely recommend seeing it while it is at Prince Charles!



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