Summer in the City : Venice

Wave goodbye to cars and uneasy, jay-walking situations as you reflect upon these pictures I took on my trip to Venice with my family. If given the choice, I swear I would never have left. In between scurrying through the alleyway-streets filled with little shops that sell intricate glass-made jewellery to dirt cheap fashion, Venice offers you a peace of mind for the brief period … Continue reading Summer in the City : Venice

Summer in the City: Rome

Much unlike the film ‘When In Rome’, I didn’t go stealing coins thrown with deep faith and strong hope to finding love from a special fountain, drunkenly and angrily at the thought of not being or finding love. In fact, I did the complete opposite – I fell in love with the city without having to pick up some coins. Cheesy, I know. Ancient Roman … Continue reading Summer in the City: Rome

Boys Lookbook: Yohannes Daniel

Meet Yohannes (known to friends as ‘Yohan’) Daniel, a student at the University of Hertfordshire studying Interior Architecture and Design whose entire presence flaunts relaxed vibes and never ceases to put a smile across your face. It’s all about the trainers nowadays. Not that I’m complaining; well my bank account is. But, they’re a statement piece for a reason. Besides glancing up and down at … Continue reading Boys Lookbook: Yohannes Daniel